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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tategoi Enigma - Part 1

by Peter Waddington (Reprinted from the Summer 1999 issue of Nishikigoi International)

As far as genuine Tategoi are concerned, the unfortunate fact is that very few UK specialist Koi dealers will risk purchasing these Koi for re-sale as the average customer would find them insipid, undesirable, incredibly expensive and well beyond their budget.

Many would class them as 'junk' and that the dealer was profiteering on a royal scale. The average customer cannot be blamed for this as they have no experience of witnessing these rare Koi develop. On the other hand however, these are the Koi that the Japanese collectors would sell their very souls for!

This Koi is not immediately desirable at first glance however, as far as skin quality and pattern potential is concerned -- this is one of the best 20 genuine tategoi I have ever found

Another female Sadazo Sanke bred by Mr. Gamoh in Isawa, Yamanashi Prefecture, she was purchased in November 1994, two years old and 15" long, the pigmentation now is delicate but dull, whereas the white ground is incredible yet no photograph can do it justice.

Colour feeding will produce the pigmentation and texture that is inbred in the bloodline and I make no apology for the pattern. If the pattern remains exactly as it is now and in the same ratio, when the Koi matures to 25" long, I will be more than happy. I would ask the reader to imagine the Koi before you at 25" long, half close your eyes, take it slightly out of focus and imagine what a sight would be before you!