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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tategoi Enigma - Part 2

by Peter Waddington (Reprinted from the Summer 1999 issue of Nishikigoi International)

In October 1996 Ian Stewardson, among other high class Koi, bought two of the best Koi produced by Shintaro in Mushigame.

The two Koi both Nissai, were a Sanke and Showa. This was the first time non Japanese collectors purchased serious Koi from Masaru Saito (Shintaro). Since that October Shintaro Koi have become justly renowned outside Japan as they have been for many years inside Japan. The sheer quality of Shintaro Koi leave many Koi enthusiasts who have visited his Musigame shop agasp.

Shintaro Koi are an acquired taste, as many appear pasty, and to Koi enthusiasts who like their Koi finished Shintaro doesn't have many of those. However, for collectors who want Koi they can grow, Shintaro Koi offer some of the most exciting Tategoi anywhere. All the best Koi are, like the Sanke (on the left) and the Showa (on the right), unfinished Tategoi.

As you know "talk is cheap" we prefer to give you evidence and the two Koi featured on these pages absolutely typify what Shintaro Koi are all about and for us also encompass what Tategoi are all about.

Check out the improvement in all elements of the Sanke - conformation, skin quality and pattern development render this an outstanding Sanke.

Even more impressive is the metamorphosis of the Hi Showa. Incredible growth and development have transformed this Koi into an absolutely stunning Showa - just check out the head pattern!

Bloodline is vital but to get the best out of great Koi, keeping techniques also need to be spot on. It's clear from the evidence that Ian is getting it right.

These fantastic Koi are evidence of Koi keeping at its best and these beautiful Koi are a testament to the Koi keeping skills of one of the UK's most accomplished Koi enthusiasts.